Sugarcube Villas

Sugarcube Villas are located on the Tróia Peninsula (Comporta Coast) in southern Portugal. Sugarcube Villas are real estate development containing three individual homes. Designed by local architecture practice Montenegro Architects, the residences are contained within an abstract series of volumes angled towards the neighboring Atlantic ocean and Sado river. While the elevation oriented towards the town is adorned with no windows, the opposing façade presents sweeping sea views. From the three Villas, only two are visible with the third sunken into the region’s rolling terrain. This varied landscape is continued internally where a playful display of light and shadow is established. Each unit comprises a range of common rooms with kitchens and washrooms. The garden surrounding the property does not have a clearly defined boundary but instead is understood as a continuation of the building, naturally integrated within its context.

Located between pine trees, its abstract volumes draws angles toward the sea and the Mediterranean forest. The interior spaces are different at every step, the geometry is unrepeatable, which provides a unique experience to users.

Josh Davis wrote “Over the past few months, we’ve seen the way some Portuguese architects are playing with solid block structures to contrast modernism against the country’s more desolate areas. Adding to this canon are Montenegro Architects, who have created the Sugarcubes Residences in Southern Portugal. The edifice houses six individual homes, all surrounded by a series of somewhat abstract block shapes that vary in height and width. Playing off of the natural sunny environment, the facade blocks natural light to create sweeping shadows on the ground. The garden immediate outside is intended as an extension of the natural surrounding environment – yet another play on the internal/external motif.” (…)

Waave+Dada also wrote “the Residences by Montenegro Architects are a stunning, abstract collection of six individual homes surrounded by solid block structures. Located on a peninsula in southern Portugal, the facade-block structure has been a growing trend of some Portuguese architects, offering a surreal contrast to other contemporary architectural designs around the world. The result is a beautiful, monochromatic aesthetic of light and shadow with windows only adorned on the angles facing the Atlantic ocean.

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