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JanuSolve sponsors real estate investments in development companies that operate at Comporta Cost. The Comporta Coast stretches from the mouth of the River Sado to Melides, and will surprise you for being such a well preserved coastal area, with small havens of sun and beach, hospitable people and good cuisine.

For some, a property in the Comporta Coast is a vacation retreat. For others, it’s a lucrative source of income. And, for others still, it’s a combination of the two. We will share stories of how one Parisien-based couple, an American writer, a French fashion designer, a Spanish movie actor, or an English family, created an idyllic beach getaway for themselves, and friends.

Comporta Coast is a much-appreciated spot for a family beach outing and has some good restaurants. This is a paddy field area, so rice-based dishes are an unmissable specialty. Until Melides, the coast is an unbroken strip of sand, with pleasant beaches such as Atlântica, Pinheirinho, and Galé. Depending on your wishes and preferences, you may choose between the sea beaches and the lagoons. These are great places for kitesurfing, canoeing, horse riding, golf, and windsurfing.

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