Electric Cars

For the automotive world, and more largely for the entire traditional transportation ecosystem, four main trends are currently announcing the wind of change: New Mobility trends and behaviors developing around the world, the arrival of Autonomous Technologies, the development and use of Digital Features, and the rise of powertrain Electrification.

At IBERICA, we are specialists in providing solutions in machining, forging, stamping and welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminum from a with good craftsmanship. We work in partnership with some of the best eCars makers and tier 1 suppliers.

European carmakers are facing stricter regulations and demands to further cut their carbon dioxide emissions. This is impacting the way they choose the materials they use to build their vehicles.

FLOW Mobility Case Study

Lighter cars need less fuel to travel the same distances, also when your fuel is electricity. Maintaining excellent crashworthiness, our modular e-mobility solutions for battery packs can lower costs in production and operation and offer maximum design flexibility. Aluminum plays a significant role in the light-weighting of modern vehicles, and we develop cutting edge solutions.

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