Our Vision

From Mythology to the Digital Era

In ancient mythology, Janus is the God of beginnings and transitions, symbolic of gate, portal, door and time. In the digital era, our vision points out to a deep knowledge of market trends and client preferences is critical for competitiveness, in a way to be closer to the client and, only then, to be able to supply unique experiences.  

In the mythology era, Janus symbolizes a God of two worlds, looking at both the future and the pass. Today, our vision points out events as things that are on the move, heading towards us. Time is seen as an unstoppable train, hurtling towards us from the future and into the past.

In ancient times, Janus was frequently referred to as a symbol of changes or transitions. In the digital era, our vision represents another storm that is disrupting the traditional business concept.

Janus was worshiped during planting and harvesting seasons, when births happened, as well as at other beginnings. The digital shift is happening, creating value and empowering people.

In Roman Civilization, Janus was also considered the “middle ground” between barbarism and civilization, young and adult age, or rural and urban environments. Today, civilization identities, are shaping the patterns of cohesion, disintegration, and conflict. in our vision, JanuSolve can be considered an inter-connector of this era of organizations, countries, and nations.